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My mother is in a rehab facility in Westlake, CA after being in the hospital for 2 weeks. Me or a family member have been in the room with her except for a few hours of sleep since she went in to hospital on Christmas Day. We're well aware of how nurses & doctors work within that system. She had been in his facility 3 or 4 days when for the first time I asked to speak with him regarding my mother's meds. He reluctantly started over the list & mentioned she was on a blood thinner. As she had never been on that previously, & she had a history of bleeding easily, I asked why she was being given that. His reply was "Do you want to take her off of it? If you want to, I'll take her off, I don't care, she's not my mother". Assuming he was kind of joking, I smiled and said, oh sure you do, you want her to get well and leave here, don't you? He said, "I don't care, but if you want to take over, you can" & he threw the pen down & threw the book back to the clerk. I said no more.

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