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Dr. Borenstein performed oral surgery on me a few days ago. He removed ten lower teeth, shaved down two bone spurs, and put in my lower denture. It couldn't have gone better. A few weeks earlier, I had three upper teeth removed by another doctor, and it was torture in the chair, followed by eight hours of terrible bleeding. With Dr. Borenstein, he gave me a sedative, and I was out before he even put a shot of novocaine in my gums. I woke up in the recovery room having never felt a thing. My dentist was really impressed with the work too - and said he had done more than he expected relining the denture. I have had no post-surgery problems or pain. I can't recommend him highly enough. I wish I had found him sooner and I probably wouldn't have been so afraid of dentists all my life. A very talented, caring doctor - don't think twice about making your appointment.

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