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Dr. Noren and his staff at the New England Gamma Knife Centre provided my wife with professional, prompt and caring gamma knife radiosurgery treatment. Dr. Noren took the the time to explain the procedure, benefits and minimal side effects. This treatment was our choice as a means of dealing with a small residual meninginoma tumor left after brain surgery. Our Ontario neurosurgeon was unwilling to even discuss gamma knife radiosurgery as an alternative to the prescribed external whole beam radiation. My wife is in her 6th year post-gamma knife radiosurgery treatment with no complications / side effects and no growth of the meninginoma turmor. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Noren for his willingness to provide this treatment. I would recommend that other patience as a minimum, explore gamma knife radiosurgery as an alternative to external whole beam radiation. Our experience has been very positive. Harold ****, Guelph, Ontario

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