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About Perinatologists

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Perinatologists, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, or high-risk obstetricians specialize in the management of complicated or high-risk pregnancies and deliveries. They are obstetricians who have completed three additional years of education and training to consult and provide care plans for mother and baby during non-routine pregnancies and deliveries.

Often, perinatologists are part of a wider medical team involved in a women’s pregnancy. These teams generally include a Gynecologist (OGBYN)Midwife and/or Family Doctor who work together to co-manage high-risk pregnancies.

Expecting mothers with the following existing conditions prior to becoming pregnant are often referred to a perinatologist: diabetes, HIV, high blood pressure, toxemia, heart disease, thyroid disease, gastrointestinal disease, and kidney disease.

Healthy women may also be referred to perinatologist if they are pregnant with multiple babies (twins or triplets), have experienced previous pregnancy loss or their baby is not growing as expected.

A general Gynecologist (OBGYN) may also ask a perinatologist to consult where prenatal irregularities are found. In these cases, perinatologists conduct prenatal diagnosis using a variety of testing and imaging techniques such as highly-targeted ultrasounds or echocardiography.

Depending on the risk level of the pregnancy and condition of the patient, perinatologists may only be asked to consult on a care plan, while in some cases a general Gynecologist (OBGYN) may transfer a patient into the care of a perinatologist for more frequent and direct attention.

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