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If you have material allergy you are dead meat

Doctors just don't pay any attention to those things. This surgeon has known since MAY when I first visited his office that I was allergic to acrylic. I had to wait two months to actually see him and then another month for surgery. So after they schedule the surgery I get some nurse in the office to tell me what technique he is going to use. I googled that and looked up the company that makes the materials. Their website says there is cyanoacrylate in the materials. ACRYLIC. I called the company and a woman there said she talked to the product engineers who said there was no acrylic. I pointed out exactly what it said on the website. She talked to someone else and called me back saying yes there was some acrylic in the material.

Well the doctors or someone in his office should have known this MONTHS ago. Now I am just a few days from surgery and it has to be cancelled. I'm still in agonizing pain and may have to wait indefinitely to get my shoulder operated on. It takes MONTHS just to get an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon.
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I think you should visit or contact with allergist near where you live to receive the advice.
I hope you recuperate your health soon.
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They were able to use a different suture material for my surgery. Dr Macy even called me so he had the story. I had a lot of itching and hives after the surgery but it appeared to be from the surgical tape because they were gone in a few days after having the tape removed. But if I had not checked on what materials they were going to use they may have used the acrylic suture. You have to check YOURSELF on these things if you have material allergies because it is very likely that the doctors won't catch it. I have had the lots problems with dentists. They don't take allergies seriously at all. I had some tell me that it was absolutely impossible to be allergic to dental materials. And that was when my tongue was burning up because a quack dentist used acrylic cement on some work. I had to fight for a year to get it removed and now I have chronic glossitis.

Edit - I have been to an allergist back when I was trying to get the dental cement removed. He did patch testing and it didn't even show an allergy to acrylic. But he said that didn't mean I didn't have an allergy to it. Apparently there are a lot of false negatives. Patch testing is not very accurate imo. Allergies are very difficult to deal with. Many people just dismiss you as a nut when you say you have material allergies.

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