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Anonymity of raters robs doctors of the right of reply

As a doctor who has been rated on this website, I really feel that anonymity of those who rate us robs us of the right of reply
I have only had one bad rating (out of 30). The rater stated I "don't listen and seem only interested in money"
Fortunately I know who this patient is, as he is the only one I've knowingly had issues with for years, and he posted his rating on the same day
I had seen him several times over a period of seven years, and he has never paid any of his accounts. When he booked to see me yet again, I called him up and requested that if he wanted to still see me, to pay his outstanding accounts, and also pay up-front for his pending attendance. He hung up on me, and did not attend that day.
I was able to state all this in the "see responses" section (does anyone ever click on and read these?)
How many other doctors have had similar experiences, but are never able to identify the patient involved so that they can explain their side of the story?

To this end I also feel that a doctor's response should also be given equal prominence as the accusation, and not be hidden unless you click on it

In the justice system, those who are accused have the right to identify their accuser, and state their defence for all to hear.
Why should RateMds be any different?

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If it's your only bad review

If it's your only bad review out of 30 I don't think it's going to hurt you much. I doubt many people are going to take the non specific reviews that seriously either. If the patient gives specific details of what went wrong then it should be easy to figure out who the patient is. Just the way you did. I have only given bad reviews to one doc - a dentist. He was so bad that he shouldn't have been allowed to practice anymore. The details I gave in the reviews let him know who I was. And if he had been any kind of compassionate reasonable person I would have taken the review down or modified it. Just looked and see the review is still there - but I believe he has retired. "He is the worst, most uncaring dentist I have ever encountered. He gave me veneers but never told me there was acrylic in the cement even though I told him I was allergic to acrylic. A year later my mouth was burning up and he finally told me there was acrylic in the veneer cement. I then asked him to remove them. He wouldn't do it even though I was in SEVERE pain. I finally had to write to the manufacturer of the cement myself. They told me it was possible to have an allergic reaction to the cement. I put that in a complaint to the VT Dental Society. It was only then, a whole YEAR later, that he agreed to take the veneers off. But he ruined the crowns he put on by shaving away at the back of them. Then he put in a horrible set of metal crowns." He never refunded me a dime for all the bad work. I've spent over $30,000 on my mouth and I still need a $5000 bridge. It should have been only $12,000 - and would have been if the work had been right.

He didn't respond. He did on other sites and I responded to the response.

You have treated the guy for seven years with him not paying? Wow. Dentists make people pay in advance. Doesn't the guy's insurance pay for a lot of it?

I want to put forth an argument in favor of the anonymity. I think patients might be afraid that doctors will turn them away if they know patients have given bad reviews. I travelled over 2 hours to find a dentist who uses the materials I know I am not allergic to, but he refused to do the work. Right now I am having a hard time finding an orthopedic surgeon who is willing to do a simple Mumford procedure even though I am in agony. I can't get though a full day of work many days. I am spending 14-20 hours a day in bed. I NEED the surgery badly.
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You can't be serious. Nobody

You can't be serious. Nobody that reads this pool of festering swill cares about your side of the story.

The owners/managers/what have you (AKA sleazeballs) that run this pathetic website couldn't give a flying f**k about what is just and/or fair and/or within the reasonable rights of doctors. All that they care about, in fact what they thrive on, is people trashing doctors. Look at their own twitter feed: full of doctor-bashing articles. You will *never* get a fair shake by this pathetic group of lowlives; don't expect it. If any patient wouldn't see you because of the ratings you receive here, then consider yourself lucky. You don't need them and really don't want them as a patient anyway. Like the trash that runs this site, *everyone* is better off without them.
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It might just be a

It might just be a coincidence, but new psychotherapy clients are way down since a client gave me a very bad review. I know who it is because his complaints were the same angry complaints and accusations he made directly to me in the session. I explained several times in several different ways how his expectations were far out of line with what happens in psychotherapy. I couldn't have been more explicit. He wouldn't have it, and went on line to repeat his grievance here on RateMD, this time with a tone of victimization, rather than the abusive rage I got from him in the office.

Patients should have an outlet like this to air their grievances. There should be some counterbalancing consideration for practitioners. I'm not sure what it should be.

There is a real upshot that is bad for patients. I have always taken satisfaction in my eagerness to take on difficult cases. No longer: I have made a commitment to refuse cases that look like they won't go smoothly.
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mepica: The people who run

mepica: The people who run this site are indeed unprincipled businessmen interested in the buck rather than integrity. However, that disregard extends to patients as well, not just doctors. Plenty of legitimately negative reviews about doctors vanish, for no apparent reason. It's a typical boo hoo story of selfish doctors to complain about their rights while ignoring and/or down-treading those of patients'. Doctors have plenty of advocates and respect for them is ingrained into the culture. It is right that when they do wrong it is brought to attention, questioned and criticised. That you imply patients who read this (admittedly corrupt) site are "trash" says a lot about you as a doctor. I call you out as one of those unprincipled, arrogant and borderline psychopath doctors who this site should be used to expose. Unfortunately, such posts often get deleted.
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#6 Old 06-07-2014, 08:37 PM
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That you, AdventuresOfMyConk,

That you, AdventuresOfMyConk, have an ax to grind with a particular plastic surgeon, is quite telling in your response.

Learn how to read critically. Yes, I said that "you" (the doctor) are better off without a patient who uses this site to make decisions. I in no way said (or even implied) that any patient is "trash." Suppose we break this down into a syllogism:

a) Doctors are better off without the trash that runs this site
b) Doctors are better off without patients that use this site to make decisions
c) therefore: the patients that use this site to make decisions are trash

more simply

a) there are glass windows in my house
b) there are glass windows in a fire engine
c) therefore: my house is a fire engine

Doesn't follow, does it? Unless, of course, *you* consider yourself "trash."

By the way, you're calling *me* out as a psychopath? *I* don't save screenshots of negative reviews that have supposedly been deleted, to regurgitate in a damning post. *You* strike me as a stalker, who likely is in need of psychiatric help.
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#7 Old 06-07-2014, 08:50 PM
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Barnyard - Please don't stop

Barnyard -

Please don't stop taking on difficult cases simply due to this situation. Aside from the fact that the simplest of cases can go awry quickly (and can land you in the same position that a difficult-from-the-start case can), it's more likely that you're being oversensitive to the post, and you're simply experiencing an ordinary lull in business.

We all have difficult, batsh*t crazy patients. You, unfortunately, have more than your fair share. Don't despair because one of them is a little, shall we say, extra special. You (we/the practitioners) live in a world full of needy, entitled idiots. They will *always* find an outlet to complain for which you have no recourse. Let it go. Continue to do your job well, and you will find satisfaction.
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“If any patient wouldn't see

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Did any of you consider the

Did any of you consider the alternative to this Web 2.0 (user content) site?

With the ability to set up an account with Wordpress, Youtube, Facebook, or any other site that is indexed by search engines, any patient can complain about and libel you until the cows come home without giving you the ability to respond.

Sure, they can have their voice shut down, temporarily, at least until they set up again and enlist the help of their friends to redirect traffic back to their verbiage.

As much as RateMDs concentrates complaints (and accolades) into one location, at least it also provides the forum for you to respond.

Tell your patients to post here if they're pleased, and to tell you if they're not. As for the site operators, newspapers have been around for a long time.

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So Mic wades in with his

So Mic wades in with his blind defence of the site. Zzz.

Exactly, gagal. The above pompous doctor archetype said the patients who read this site are LIKE trash, then tries to weasel out of it with a stupid semantic smokescreen.
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