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Originally Posted by charlie6363 View Post

For those "not real" or deceptive complaints, I have seen on some review sites where there is place for the doctor's response, but I have never seen that spot used so far. I don't see why the doctor can't go on the review site and post a response to the deceptive complaints.
So Charlie, this argument comes full circle back to the original post!
How can doctors respond if they don't know who or what they're responding to?
THANK YOU for recognizing a doctor's right of reply!
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Anonymity of raters robs doctors of the right of reply Reply to Thread

[FONT="Arial Black"][/FONT

Knowing who is complaining is irrelevant and not necessary. A doctor can respond to complaint without knowing who the patient is. It seems, depending on the complaint and how it is worded, a doctor could figure out who it is anyway. The purpose, or point, of any Doctor Rating Site, in my opinion, is for the patients. FOR THE PATIENTS. It is not a perfect world and in all things there are those that like to muck up the works, unfortunately. It is about patients helping other patients find good doctors, or stay away from the bad ones. And for the doctors, your first concern should be about the patients finding good doctors and avoiding the bad ones. Doctors know about the bad doctors out there, do they tell the patients which doctors to avoid? No. It is like some club with a code or something. Patients wouldn't need rating sites to find good doctors and avoid the bad ones, if doctors would help us.
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Doctors Complaining About Anonymity

Firstly, if you are not going to do what you are supposed to do as a doctor then the patient has the right to complain about you. The fact you are actually trying to figure out who these people are is disgusting! Focus on doing your job! Another doctor in this forum said that he now denies patients care based on what he thinks will be a bad experience or not. The CPSO in their guidelines states that you cannot deny people care and discriminate against them. Now I am reading that doctors will go as far as to deny someone care because they wrote a negative comment about them? That is so pathetic and you should be ashamed of yourselves. People need to grow up! People are not perfect and maybe if the CPSO did more to protect doctors and patients from this stuff, then this wouldn't be happening. But, for myself as a professional, if someone wrote something about me online that was negative I would be grateful for that comment. It would actually make me want to improve and change my ways. I think I would be mad if the person didn't address it to me directly, but that's what the patient/relationship is for. Most doctors are very awkward (I think most act like they have Autism) and can't just communicate with their patients appropriately, and meet their needs. Doctors can't just read the comment and say to themselves, "I need to do better as a doctor", and take it as constructive criticism. If you are not open to constructive criticism or feedback, and you don't tell your patients straight up, if you have a problem with me tell me to my face, then of course you are going to get comments made about you online. Patients want transparency and they want a doctor that shows that they care! If they have a problem fix it. Then if you don't expect retaliation. If you do something wrong then yes that patient has the right to warn others!

Secondly, I had a therapist who was absolute garbage track me down for putting one star on her reviews! She said she had an IT team looking for me and threatened to sue me. I have emails from her stating that what I did almost destroyed her business and that all she cares about is money. It costs her $4000 to rent out her unit! She also told me that this was her livelihood and how dare I make the comment that I did. Meanwhile, you should have heard the things she said to me during our therapy session. If I really wanted to, I could have posted the one star and then made a remark about how she told me that I should move on from the sexual abuse that I endured by a doctor, and that it was my fault it happened in the first place! I was sixteen years old! She also said, "how dare you go around telling people you have a disability when your psychologist lied in your report!". She said I was a liar when I do in fact have an NLD. She said nothing was wrong with me, it was all in my head and she just thinks I have OCD!! You think that is okay to talk to someone like that? I walked out of her office crying and I was having suicidal ideation. But, I realized she is such a loser and I swear she probably makes up her own comments. Probably most doctors do this to cover themselves and gain patients. I think it's embarrassing if you will even take your time to go that far and try to make yourself look good when in fact your work ethic sucks!

I think that doctors need to be better trained, communicate with their patients more, and actually listen to their patients. I have had ten doctors over the years. Communication and lack of knowledge are my number one issues. If you tell me to go home to Google my problems; tell me I don't have anything and it's all in my head; don't refer me to specialists when needed; or say you don't know what to do, then goodbye! Don't deny your patients because you just couldn't control their problems. One negative comment or two isn't going to hurt you. But, you can do more to avoid this from happening if you did you job right in the first place!
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