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kerrijones 10-05-2017 04:11 AM

Lipoma on neck
Hi, I’m planning to get tattooed on my neck. There’s a skin lump on my neck where I wish to ink. My tattooist suggested that I should remove the lump before getting inked. This lump I have is really soft to touch. It’s been there for a long time. There’s no visible growth or size change for this. It moves easily if I prod it with my finger. I called my physician and sought advice regarding removing this lump. He told me that it might be a lipoma and it can be removed easily. I have fixed an appointment for lipoma removal procedure from a clinic in Barrie. It is scheduled next week. Does anyone had done this kind of surgery before? What's the recovery time for lipoma removal procedure? How long should I have to wait to get inked? Will the ink cause any other skin rashes or infections? I’m planning to do a psychedelic artwork as the tattoo. The projection of this lipoma would give a 3D effect to the work. If I change my mind about this removal procedure, is it alright to get the tattoo over this lipoma? Kindly share your views. Thank you in advance.

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