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Don10 05-26-2016 12:26 AM

Awaiting Multiple fushion surgery

I'm a chronic back pain patient for 5 years. I've underwent PT, EI and everything else. There hasn't been a significant change in pain. I have disc prolapse in L4-l5 and L5-s1. So I'll be having multiple fusion surgery for the last resort? I have talked with a nearby personal injury lawyer for advice on the expenses of the procedure. Since, it's a serious surgery, I'm very careful. But, i'm still confused. I have heard about failed fusion surgery stories. Will the surgery finally help me out of this miserable pain, at least a relief?

Jimmyz 01-31-2018 09:16 PM

I have same problem on my back as you for 10 years.But I am still looking for the best solution for my back .Have YOU found this website:
I am interested in Non-traumatic back surgery which Using a x-ray fluoroscopy and a magnified video for guidance, a small,specially designed nano probe is inserted through the skin of the back, between the vertebrae and into the problem disc location.
But I don't know wether or not there is same technique procedure in Canada. Any questions, you can email:[email protected] GOD BLESS YOU!

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