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Types of hearing loss

There are three forms of hearing loss namely:
  • Conductive
  • Sensorineural
  • Mixed hearing Loss

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss results from a problem with the passage of sound through the outer ear and/or middle ear.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Hearing loss that originates in the inner ear is referred to as sensorineural hearing loss or, less technically, nerve deafness.

The vast majority of hearing losses are sensioneural losses, and common causes include:

Genetic factors (i.e. hearing loss can run in families)
Excessive noise exposure - either sudden or prolonged
Changes in the inner ear due to ageing

Mixed Hearing Loss

The transmission of sound can be blocked in multiple places along the auditory path. When a hearing loss occurs from conditions in the inner ear as well as the outer and/or middle ear, this is known as mixed hearing loss. An example of a mixed hearing loss may be someone with inner ear damage due to exposure to noise in their workplace over many years, who also currently has an infection that has led to a fluid build up in the middle ear.
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