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Jessica.S 08-06-2014 02:09 PM

Eye Exercises: Do they really work?
I have seen many articles, discussions, products etc out there on eye exercises and how they can help people reduce or eliminate the need for glasses, how many of you have tried them? Did they work for you?

rockygirl 08-07-2014 12:12 AM

Hi Jessica,
In my thirty year career as a special education teacher, I have seen children with specific visual conditions and disabilities benefit greatly from the proper eye exercises, prescribed by a doctor and carried out by a trained professional. Home exercises were also part of the program.
From my experience, although limited, I would liken it to physical therapy. Anyone can exercise their shoulder, but you want a pt who knows exactly what exercises to do for your specific type of shoulder problem.
I would hazard a guess that general eye exercises not prescribed by a physician would be rather pointless, but it's just a guess based on my experience with kids who had successful eye rehabilitation.
Interesting question.

Jessica.S 08-15-2014 11:42 AM

Great information.
I was just going to try what ever methods seemed to work for people and just do that but getting advice on this from a professional is something i'll do.

From your own experience have you noticed that some people's vision has improved greatly?

rockygirl 08-18-2014 10:22 PM

It depends on what you mean by vision. Did I see anyone go from 20/200 to 20/20? No. Did I see kids improve their ability to track and process visual information? Yes.

Two conditions I also saw improved, (I'm going to use the out of date terms so anyone reading knows what I mean), were "lazy eye" and "cross-eye." I have seen several children with these conditions make a lot of progress.

Good luck!

fleming12 12-30-2016 12:27 AM

Thanks for the information.

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