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deborah01 01-25-2017 01:57 AM

How to overcome dental fear?
Hi all,
My daughter is 14, last week she fell down in school while playing, and has lost her front teeth. I have been asking her to get dentures to replace the missing teeth, but she just doesn't agree to go the dentist. She has dental phobia. Every time I try taking her, she cries out loudly, and creates a scene. It looks really odd when she smiles, but she just doesn’t agree to this, she is ok with that smile it seems. So, I thought of getting mobile denture services, where they come home and we can get the services at the comfort of our home, I checked online and found, I don’t know how to make her overcome her fear. I hope this is a good idea. If those teeth are not replaced now, it will become difficult later. Is there any way to overcome this fear?

laurabridges 03-21-2017 05:41 AM

Talking to your dentist is the best way to overcome your child's dental phobia. The dentist generally utilizes the latest technology to reduce the discomfort and dental anxiety. They provide the best environment for people like Listening to Music, Oral Sedation and advanced technology (WAND) to significantly more comfortable than the syringe to overcome needless fears.

jessica22 04-10-2017 09:09 AM

Today most of the dentist are utilizing new strategies to reduce the fear of their children. Many dental care clinics have a small playground and they are providing a good environment for children.

JohnWillson 04-14-2017 01:03 PM

Make a visit to a dentist in a play. Try to make it fun

donna10 10-21-2017 01:16 AM

I would suggest sedation dentistry.

gregema 01-19-2018 06:33 AM

I would suggest You not to threaten your child by saying the name of a dentist

JeremiahCarlson 01-19-2018 07:35 AM


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