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tiff00 10-06-2017 01:06 AM

Need help
My son has been going to piano classes in Toronto. Recently he came home with an extreme ear pain. So he stopped attending the classes. We consulted a pediatrician as he was suffering from cough and he gave medications. After a few days, his pain returned. It was so severe that he cried for hours. I thought it might be due to earwax. So I cleaned his ear using bobby pins. There was an extreme amount of wax in his ear. Now, his pain went away completely. But he is facing difficulty in hearing. He can hear only if I spoke loud. How will he attend classes in this situation?
I didn't know what has happened to him. I googled with his symptoms and read that using bobby pins can damage the ear. I felt so depressed that I did it. I couldn't face my child. Am I the reason for his hear impairment? Can you suggest me some treatments? My friend suggested using hearing aids. Without using hearing aids, will he regain his hearing? I need your opinions regarding this. I’m planning to schedule an appointment with hearing professionals in Toronto. Waiting for your responses.

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