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Dr Dao did not tell me that he was performing any additional services or needed steps that would add to the cost. The tooth that I originally went in to have done had already been root canaled and did not need freezing, but he'd already used the freezing by the time I told him that. He should have already known that. Apparently there was another "small" cavity on the same side that needed filled, but he never mentioned it until after the freezing was done. The "small" filling was over $200 that was unplanned when I went in. He did tell me about it but there was no mention of how much it would cost. I've made it very clear that I do not have coverage -- we even came up with a plan for what to do when my benefits do kick in -- yet it seemed inconsequential to him. The post and incision were not mentioned either. I'd have opted to have only one of the fillings done if I'd known. The final bill was twice as much as the first estimate I was given. This is not the first time Dr Dao has had no issue with adding to a bill without consulting with the patient. In the spring, I went in for a filling, came out with over $200 bill and nothing but Xrays done. No explanation or plan. Another point I'd like to raise is that Dr Dao is very rough. It has come up before but I've never mentioned it. Today, however, I had both Dr Dao and Marianne jostling my head around trying to get something to fit. I also got poked in the nose with tools and elbowed in the head by both doctor and assistant throughout the process.

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Submitted October 20, 2016

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