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Six years ago I was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer, the cancer had burst.and was leaking. My original colonoscopist,Dr. Albert Cohen had missed the cancerous growth on more than one occasion. When he finally realized that I was in mortal danger, he did not tell me the truth of my condition, but decided to lie to me, by telling me the cancer was in the molecular stage and easily treatable, not to worry. Several days later, I received call from Dr.Stern's office ,who was the the head of thoracic surgery and head of the Jewish General Hospital. At the meeting, with Dr. Stern, I was notified that I had a cancerous growth on my colon and needed a CT scan " EMEDIATELY ". Two days later I brought the cd of the scan to Dr.Stern.He immediately arranged a meeting with Dr.Simon Bergman,a laparoscopic surgion.Uppon examining the scan, had asked me to get an " MRI " as soon as possible, as he could not see enough for his satisfaction. Two das later I brought the cd of the MRI images. After his examination of the scan, he told me the truth of my condition. I had late stage colon cancer, which had burst and leaking to other parts of my body. At this point he told me that my right leg might have to be amputated and that I might need a colostomy bag installed. Looking at Dr.Bergmans face as he gave me the grim news, I actually felt confident that would be just fine. The following week I went, into the surgery, and woke up with my leg intact and no bag on my stomach! I started chemotherapy a month later, which brought on a gastro infection, as I was allergic to that form of kemoptherapy.I was given antibiotics to cure the infaction,which brought on the " C Dificile " infection. At this point I was badly bloted,from the gastro infection, and was running profusely from the ( C Dif ) infection. Not seeing any improvement after a week, I insisted that the head nurse contact Dr.Bergman Two hours later Dr.Bergman was standing beside me, chastising me for not contacting him sooner. Within a short time thirty minutes I was to a pump .Three days later the pump was removed, my fever was gone and was able to leave the hospital two days later. At his point I weighed only forty seven kilos. Four weeks later after adding five kilos ,I started another round of kimotherapy,which lasted five months. Three months after my second round of kemotherapy,my weight now at sixty kilos, I started practicing Kyokushin Kai Karate,at the age of sixty five, to get back into shape. I am now Seventy years old, weigh seventy one kilos and still practicing martial arts, four days a week. Thank you Dr.Bergman,for giving me an extra six of a great life, and counting. I will be forever grateful not only for your skills as a surgion,but mostly as a great and intelligent human being. PS. I would like to give a great thank you to DR.Gabriela Ghitulescu,Who assisted in my surgery, and is looking after me now. Morris

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