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Re: Dr Naghman Qureshi, of CONWAY DENTAL in orlando Fl,, In 2012, one year after Dr Qureshi preformed 4 root canal procedures and installed 4 crowns i found myself in incredible pain,, two of the root canals had abscessed, upon the two teeth being x-rayed my new endodontist found that the root canal procedures that Dr Qureshi did were not all the way to the tip of the root, on the x ray Dr. Qureshi's root canals were shallow and wide and about 4 millimeters short of the tip of the tooth, not long and tapered to the tip like they should be,, thus causing them to abscess,, i had to have both root canals that Qureshi did re done with new crowns,, at an out of pocket cost of $4,100 dollars,, now its another year and a half later and the 3rd root canal Qureshi did on me has abcessed,, im on antibiotics cause its too infected for the endodontist to do a root canal,, im in extreme pain, and its gonna cost me another $2000.00 dollars,, Qureshi yells at his staff while they make mistake while working on you as a team,, making you feel very uncomfortable, his staffs sterilization and sanitary practices are sub standard and they argue with Qureshi about their practices, one more thing Qureshi clothes and breath stink of cigarette smoke while working on you,, while he talks you are trapped in the chair breathing his nasty cigarette breath,, Qureshi is the worst dentist ever,, his license should be revoked,, he should be held account able for all the bad root canals he has preformed on his victims, If anyone knows how to go about getting Qureshi's license revoked, please post it here

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flag | Submitted October 29, 2014

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