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I saw Dr. Mendelsohn three times, each time it was a horrible experience I will never forget. The last time I saw him he was working in Poulsbo Doctors Clinic Urgent Care and my Dr. sent me to him because my bp was extremely high, I was really dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. After making me wait in the room for thirty minutes, he came in and informed me that he was not going to waste any time on me and told me my Dr. should have called 911 instead of sending me back there to him, even though he did not see me I can guarantee he still charged my insurance each time I was in his office. I had to have the people at the front desk to call 911 for me. On my way to the hospital I had a massive stroke. I am still having problems because of that. Another incident with him, a friend of mine have stage four cancer and diabetes. He went to Dr. Mendelsohn to establish care for a primary care dr. He seen him once for less than five minutes and told him to come back in six months. When he called him to get his prescriptions filled for his diabete meds, he refused to call them in and said he did not think he needed them. If you value your life, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE do not go to this dr because he does not value people lives (or maybe it was just us). You can roll the dice and make that gamble if you want. People that don't care about people should not be in this line of work.

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