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He did octoplasty on one ear, very good result, and I experienced very little pain done under local anesthetic. Next procedures booked were an under eye scar revision by incision, fat put in cheeks, lower lip and back of hands, with fat taken from abdomen via liposuction. Also erbium laser on another small scar. I chose again, local anesthesia in his rooms. Waited over an hour, same long waiting time the day I had octoplasty. Even with anesthetic injections the extensive lipo was unbearably painful. The fluid from all the anesthetic built up in my bladder and I eventually felt I couldn't hold on to my urine and asked several times for a bed pain, also each painful plunging of the probe felt like it was also severely irritating the nerves to my full bladder. Because I wasn't given a pan I ended up begging for one. Nurse got one eventually from Pindara. (I'd had a small amount of lipo before from a different surgeon and there was no pain). When the fat was put in my cheeks that pain was also 10/10, but I was told no more anesthetic could be used in my face because it would not be possible to properly see where the fat was being put. After all the prolonged severe bladder irritation, multiply painful plunging of the probe in my abdomen, then face and lip, I was groaning in pain throughout and ended up crying and said, "This is the worst day of my life." When I left, the nurse Claire said, "You knew what you signed up for." I said, "I expected I would have sufficient local anesthetic." She didn't reply. There had been NO mention of the possibility of the pain I would go through. The eye scar revision was very good. My face result was good, but only a tiny bit of fat was put in the centre of my lip border, none in the lip body, so could hardly see any difference even though I'd supplied a close up photo of it taken when I was younger, before it had shrink after menopause, showing how I wanted it. There was no improvement to the backs of my hands, zero results. Prior to surgery day, I was given instructions on how to care for the erbium laser wound. On the day, he changed the laser to a different fractional laser. This just made some pin holes, no removal of surface skin and no change/result to scar. I'd had erbium before with a great result from one treatment and that laser was what was written on my original treatment plan. He said the laser he used would require several more treatments. Overall, some good results, some not. My abdomen looks normal except for one small slightly dented area. The hands and laser were a complete waste of money, and the laser used was not what was in my treatment plan. Surgery was absolute torture.

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