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Does not explain any if the conditions of your health. He also did not realize I had Graves disease nit the common thyroid problem such as thyriditis. Sent me to za Anchorage for R A I was to small of a dose due to this I continued to get worse. I was first diagnosed by a older on gyn in Seattle Washington who said he thought I had graves. The result of this mistake almost caused my organs to shut down due to such extreme weight loss. I could not take Beta blockers as they made me swell up like a balokn. I had to go to ER. Due to this when I cane back 3 months later be said it didn't work at all and I would need another Rai. I told him I cannot afford to fly to Anchorage as my ins. Does Reimbursement. I had just moved back to Juneau so had a rough tear for money. When I went in I kept telling him I have been getting eye problems and been seeing an eye Dr due to severe dry eye that continues to this day even though Its a little less dry I now am sleeping with eyelids partially open causing scratched cirneas. He never gave me 1 rx for nerves due to my inability to sleep at all and nothing for slowing heart rate down even though Ive read I have atrial fibrillation and I had bjeot getting multiple pneumonia so Now after a year I finally got theme money to go and he increase Rai to 31 after this I struggled with a condition known as pretibial mylodema and pretbual myexodema so now I'm seeing my dermatologist. And my legs have horrible circulation and Ive suffered greatly fro. This ongoing condition my legs are dark to reddish and he denied knowing what this condition even was I saw vein drs and regular drs and finally my psychiatrist showed me a short video and it was exactly what I had I told Dr Abatte thus he never admitted it even though my boyfriend was with ne at the visits and just started at gus computer and plays with synthriud dosagrme I'm very upset and confused as to why he dud nit admit because it says when researched thus can happen to up to 80% if patients with graves disease. He could of taken precautions by using a lower dose and eye protection with steroids I cannot figure out why to this day will not openly admit thus us graves disease. He should of know right away with my eye problems and legs what this was unless he was hiding the fact he misdiagnosed ne. I got my records and he never bit here to tell me about heart a fib or leg problem but it mysteriously appeared in ny record after I told him I think he was cold a d calkius in my treatment period . Graves

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flag | Submitted June 20, 2016

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