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What a terrible excuse for a doctor. After asking him follow-up questions about an unsuccessful procedure that he performed on me, two of his comments were "Not everything is guaranteed in life", and "I suggest you're just going to have learn to live with it." Those were exact quotes, and if you are a potential patient of his, I encourage you to continue reading about my experience below (keep in mind this is brief -- if I had more time, this review would be double in length) I went in to have surgery for a deviated septum on 21 November 2016, approximately six weeks prior to me typing this review. Not only did the surgery literally accomplish NOTHING in terms of breathing improvement, but thanks to Dr Alonzo, there is actually slight scarring on the inner edge of my septum. During my first follow-up, he was cleaning out my nose by literally doing nothing more than squirting some formula in my nostrils and jamming a shish kabob stick up my nose. His carelessness made it so uncomfortable that I squirmed in the chair and his response was absolutely dumbfounding: "You're being a good boy." -- I'm a 38 year old man and he actually told me that I'm being a good boy. UNCOMFORTABLE MUCH? During my second follow-up, I had more concerns I wanted to discuss. At this time, I knew the operation was unsuccessful beacuse my breathing had not yet improved in any way. Every question I asked and every concern I posed, he would simply gravitate towards a bunch of jibberish "doctor talk" that would essentially dictate the entire conversation into a manner that only he felt comfortable with. After dictating the visit by carelessly spraying some formula in my nose and scratching a bunch of BS on his pad, I began expressing my concerns about the operation -- At this time, Dr Alonso literally began back-peddling toward the door as if he had more important things to do. What kind of doctor behaves like this? His secretary actually has more heart than him. - I arrived to one of my follow-ups in December that his secretary scheduled, and his secretary tells me that there is some "confusion" as Dr Alonso was taking the day off. Every other appointment and folllow-up EVERY SINGLE ONE...he was 15 - 20 minutes late in seeing me. I'm not really sure how that's possible, considering he tries to flush his patients out as fast as possible without addressing any patient concerns (see paragraph above) Yes, I'm very disappointed. Not because the operation was a waste of my time. And not because I can't breathe any better then before. I'm disappointed that I actually felt uncomfortable asking questions to another human who I trusted to show an appropriate level of care and considerations for my body and my health. I'm disappointed that this man treated me like I was just another numeral on his next pay check.

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Submitted January 6, 2017

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