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This doctor is terrible. He is great as long as he believes he can create a kidney patient that he can make a bunch of money off of. My Father and Mother went to him for years. My Father had high blood pressure which this doctor prescribed massive amounts of potassium, increasing it all the time even though it didn't do any good for the high blood pressure. We didn't find out until too late that potassium is a kidney killer. If he was a GOOD doctor instead of a deceitful one he would have tried other things rather than pursue something that wasn't doing any good and destroying the kidneys at the same time. Instead he kept up the mega doses of potassium until Dad lost kidney function thereby putting him in a kidney center in, oh big surprise, this doctor's personal kidney center. When my Dad had been on a few years and it looked like the end was coming, this doctor told my Mother that HER numbers were getting higher and that they needed to think about 'getting her ready'....meaning get the graft so she could start at the kidney center. Things got bad and we were told by his kidney center staff that they would start taking him off and not let us be with him which they knew WOULD kill him. We moved him to a rival kidney center in South Lake. Best thing we ever did. People were always passing out in this doctor's center, not one passed out in all the time we were at the other dialysis center. Also, the office told us to bring Dad in for an appointment so we went. Got there and his nurse came out into the waiting room and as loud as she could she stated that Dad was no longer a patient of this doctor. Really? Dad was a patient a long time before he was a kidney patient but apparently because he was losing him as a money source he didn't want him as a patient in any respect. Contemptible behavior. So very many bad things wrong with this doctor's center, from the way the staff acted to their obvious incompetence. One of the nurses actually shoved my Dad in his wheelchair hard down the hallway, letting him roll the last several feet by himself. Oh, by the way, my Mother just died six years after my Dad passed......with NO graft and NEVER having had to be on any kind of kidney machine. A very clear case of this doctor seeing his kidney patient leaving and wanting another in the wings to take his place thereby keeping him still receiving the money. As far as I am concerned this doctor should have had his license revoked a long, long, long time ago and his terrible, too small facility shut down. I pray that this review keeps some other poor person from trusting this very untrustworthy doctor.

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flag | Submitted July 4, 2016

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