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I have been struggling with Lyme disease going on three years now and recently had a relapse of symptoms. Over this time period, I have been given a strong dose of antibiotics over this time period. Recently, many of the symptoms have come back and I went to this Doctor 4 times in the last two weeks. He could not figure out what is wrong with me and responds with “I don’t know what to tell you” and “If I can’t figure out what’s wrong with you, then there is nothing wrong with you”. Last time I went there with my husband and asked him to refer me to a specialist who deals in lyme and an immunologist who can check my immune system. Any normal doctor would recommend you to a specialist if they can’t figure out what is wrong with you. Instead of doing that, he flat out refuses and tells me he “has the BEST test in the world for lyme” and it will only cost me 340 dollars cash. It was like dealing with a sleazy used car salesmen. I have real problems and have trouble functioning on a daily basis, and instead of referring me to someone who can actually help me, he tries to up sell me on some test (that if it was so great, then a specialist would perform along with other tests). He is a general practioner and he is trying to sell me on “the best test in the world” as if he didn’t make enough money from billing my insurance 4 times in a span of 2 weeks. At this point, my husband, witnessing this sleazy con man, raises his voice and says “Are you kidding me? She has real problems and instead of helping her you are selling her on some BS. Just refer her to someone who can help her”. He doctor storms out and then we both proceed to leave. We go to lunch and an hour later, we get a call from the local police department. Apparently, after we left, he opted the police and proceeded to LIE through his rotten teeth. He told them what happened and then added that my husband cursed at him and that my husband cursed at me, which never happened. My husband shouldn’t have raised his voice, but he was defending me and this sleazy human scum actually lied to the police. Never in my life have I met someone so sleazy and crooked. This is the worst doctor I have ever come across. He is full of himself and knows little to nothing about medicine. Any good review on here is most likely written by him and I would strongly suggest that you are better off seeing anyone else but him AND that he should change careers because he would be much better at selling broken cars than practicing medicine.

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flag | Submitted April 5, 2015

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