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I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. An endocrinologist now in Westchester treated me with naturethroid and increased the dose when necessary. Thin all my life, my disease ballooned me up 70lbs. I lost it all with careful food choices that were good for my thyroid and heavy vit d3 and other vitamins. Dr. mindy Sotsky saved me. But, she left CT. So, unfortunately, I went to Dr. AC. I got worse every year, all the weight I had lost came back...and she said my tests showed all was well - I never checked the test results to confirm she was right! So...despite the obvious changes to my body, clinically, really sad, getting fat, cold, heavy hair loss, all despite my vigorous workouts, careful food choices and vitamins, her suggestion? Try her new diet program. Liquid proteins, candy like chocolate protein bars, no natural food, $425 cost to start. Desperate, I bought the first week of food products. The protein is mostly soy...really smart...and everthing was so full of sugar that the total milligrams was 2.5 times RDA. I knew better but tried the garbage. Breakfast powder tasted great but I felt odd, then I ate the snack bar and instantly, went into hypoglycemia. I knew that feeling as I have avoided sugar most of my life, because it makes me shake and sweat. I thought about going to the ER but instead, did what everyone in my family does when this happens. I ate some animal protein. In about 20 minutes I was fine. I tossed the food in the trash and never went back. I wrote the doc a letter but never sent it. Then I tried another endocrine center in Stamford, CT. That newly graduated Dr. Refused to prescribe Naturethroid saying the dosages provided uneven amounts, so it was unsuitable. Besides all I needed was T4! I waled out while she was speaking and told her that if she billed my i surance company or me, I would sue. Finally, my old endo started a new practice. I went as soon as I could get an appointment. Guess what, my blood test results showed that I was right back to where she and I had begun, 2yrs prior. Dr. AC is sweet but not a good dr. The lab results I finally secured from when I saw her, show my rapid worsening in black and white. And, any endocrinologist who pushes soy and sugar, should not even be an MD.

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flag | Submitted June 4, 2017

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