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Dr. Scott R. Greenberg

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Dr. Greenberg is way better than the majority of doctors I’ve gone to for my problems, but I’m still not satisfied with the treatment I’ve received from him. He truly has a gift in his ability to examine a body and know where a patient is feeling pain. However, knowing where someone is feeling pain isn’t the same as knowing where something is damaged. After getting multiple PRP treatments by him and having success at the beginning but eventually plateauing, I asked Dr. Greenberg multiple times if ultrasound would show my ligament damage. He told me that it would not show my damage. Eventually, I got tipped off by one of his ex-patients that told me that Dr. Greenberg had hit one of his nerves (I’ve been told by other prolotherapists that it’s easier to not hit nerves if you use guided ultrasound while doing injections), and that he’d started going to someone else and found out that Dr. Greenberg hadn’t injected the right place because of where fluid showed on the imaging. That made me decide to get my problems checked with ultrasound. At that appointment, I found out that my obliquus capitis inferior muscle was torn and that Dr. Greenberg hadn’t injected it at all. There was also damage in my upper back that showed on ultrasound. I talked it over with Dr. Greenberg, and he told me that just because there was damage there didn’t mean it was the major source of my problems. However, I don’t know if I agree with that because the other prolotherapist I saw said that because Novocain injected into my OCI lowered my pain and because muscle relaxers helped me reduce my pain, there was a good chance that it was a significant contributor to my pain. I haven’t had enough injections into my OCI to know who is right (I’ve only had one round of injections), but I’m very disappointed in the way Dr. Greenberg initially answered my questions about ultrasound. I understand that I did ask about ligament damage, and the way he answered could have been interpreted that he was telling me that my ligament damage wouldn’t show (and it didn’t), but he made it out like it was so useless that I was under the impression that nothing would show. Plus, he was completely unaware that my OCI was torn. That’s the major reason I have an issue with his practice but there also have been a few other red flags. He prescribed me a supplement I shouldn’t have been taking because of my food allergies. He also told me that even if my testosterone was at absolute zero, he wouldn’t give me testosterone because I’m female. All that being said, my pain levels are lower than when I started with him, and I don’t have any lasting physical damage from his treatments.

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flag | Submitted November 26, 2017

Dr. Scott R. Greenberg

Dr. Scott R. Greenberg's response
We agree with your initial statement, Dr. Greenberg is truly gifted in his abilities as a doctor. It seems that you disagree or are misunderstanding some of Dr. Greenberg’s advice on your treatment plan. Dr. Greenberg always encourages questions, if you are unsure as to how or why your treatment plan is being pursued, please ask questions. Through a true doctor- patient partnership Dr. Greenberg wants to work with his patients to achieve the best possible results for his patients. He specializes in holistic and comprehensive approaches to sports medicine, regenerative orthopedics, chronic pain, arthritis, and post-concussion syndrome. Using methods such as prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell therapy and has had years of training and research in his field. If there is any way we might be of assistance please contact our office.

Submitted December 29, 2017

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