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Been having a physical with him in December for 5 years. Complained of numbness and tingling in my right hand. One week after physical I had a heart attack. Five (5) blockage. Dr. Stone told me He was treating me for anxiety. I was hurting and if hadn't been for my wife I would not have been in the emergency room when the heart attack he me. I beleive I would be dead it wasn't for my wife. Dr. Gold told me he had never heard of a heart attack with pain on the right side. People, it is my opinon that this doctor almost cost me my life. I do not recommend him to anyone.

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flag | Submitted August 31, 2009

Dr. Steven A. Gold

Dr. Steven A. Gold's response
I am mystified by this post for several reasons: First, in my 35+ years of clinical medical practice experience I have never personally seen or heard of a case of coronary artery (ischemic) pain which caused only numbness and tingling in the right arm. Classically, and since the heart is a left sided organ, pain is typically in the chest, jaw or LEFT arm. Were any individual to present to me with such R arm symptoms, to this date, in the absence of other symptoms such as exertional fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness etc , I would, based on probabilities suspect, not heart issues, but rather nerve pinched either in right wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome) or right side of neck (herniated disc). I would certainly not diagnose it as anxiety unless the individual had many other complaints pointing to severe stress or anxiety. Secondly, this individual claims that he had the faith in me to come to me for physicals for 5 years in a row, and the event occurred after the last physical. Why have I no knowledge of this case in an individual I would have known so well? Why has no hospital sent me any records on this case? Who is Dr. Stone? There has never been a cardiologist or emergency doctor in the Hickory area of North Carolina named Dr. Stone? I do not recall any patient ever coming back to see me stating he had "five (5) blockages" and I had missed the diagnosis. If he was that upset why would he come back to see me? He would have called the office to complain. It is for the many reasons above that, without any proof of these statements, I suspect this post not to be genuine.

Submitted December 24, 2014

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