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Nov. 1st 2016 Appointment time 1:00 PM Dr. Hodges office, Westside Medical Center. Came in for possible Crohn’s concern with clear details of significant and serious symptoms - vomiting for three months, severe bloating, constipation then diarrhea, Certain foods make it much worse, not to mention I do in fact have an ileus that was diagnosed by an mri during an ER visit for the symptoms only odd thing is that I was gaining weight but probley due to only just now within a week changing my not so great diet and very high stress job. Was told to bring in all medications being taken at time of appointment being made as usual for any new patient work up. Arrival went as expected and overall positive the nurse was very nice and had taken very thorough notes. When Dr. Hodges arrived to meet me the visit went straight into the medications that I take and spent a very significant amount of time doing so (an hour) which I was fine with. Yes I did need refills but not my reason for the visit at all . nor was I asking for refills at this time. The medications were in fact controlled substances but not narcotic in any way or form. Dr. Hodges asked for the medical records from prior Dr. I agreed to obtain them without hesitation but recommended that he perform his own blood work for my HRT plus lipid panel to make sure I’m still in a safe range with red blood cells not getting too high. Dr. Hodges again asked for my records instead I agreed and strangely he was then writing my prescriptions to be refilled that he said he wasn’t going to do until receiving my records, ( but not at my request in any way shape or form). I then asked why he was not addressing my reason for the visit, Dr. Hodges responded (irritated) what do you mean ( I explained ) softly as too not irritate him further. He then said that I had misdirected him coming in asking for three controlled substances. I promptly denied that accusation he became very condescending then left the room. Dr. Hodges came back in and did a very brief physical in actuality pathetically quick and at one point asked if I had any lung diseases I replied no but explained my combat injury Dr. Hodges replied OK but I said diseases that’s not a disease. Then promptly finished and said what makes you think you have Crohn’s your symptoms don’t match you don’t have diarrhea and your gaining weight not losing it,(I’m at this point very puzzled) were done here there are good people outside waiting to see me. When I asked for a referral to see a gastroenterologist Dr. Hodges replied for WHAT (in an angered tone)? I’m not going to do that our time is up and your symptoms don’t match up to Crohn’s. I replied then he can answer to my attorney when my intestines have a rupture and I’m hospitalized. He then replied that he will not refer me and that he will make sure no Dr. at Westside Medical will either nor see me leave and never come back. As I left the room the nurse apologized and said I made the notes as to why you were here in the first place im so sorry for that. She had over heard the entire conversation and you could tell she was very disturbed by his actions. He's also the CEO forget making a complaint.

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