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I am a male in my early 20s and had an abscess opened in September. The attending surgeon that performed the procedure, after packing it and telling me and my mother that the packing would have to be changed every day, told me to specifically see her for a follow up examination. Because of where the abscess was located, it was difficult to sit comfortably, much less attempt to drive, so my mother was with me because I was unable to transport myself to the emergency room and he taught her how to change the packing because of how frequently it would have to be changed. Thankfully, she also volunteered to take me to my appointment. Because I could not immediately recall everything that I was told the evening of the procedure due to the pain medication that I was given, I also asked her to come in with me just in case there were some details that I might have missed or did not accurately remember. When I saw the doctor, she was more concerned about being able to leave on time. She also has terrible bedside manner and is very condescending. An example of this was when my mother asked a question about her gloves. From that point forward, she would sarcastically refer to her gloves every so often. After examining me, she told me she wanted to put a drain in the incision. She explained how it would be done, but did not give me a good explanation as to why it was going to be done when it and the packing served the same function. I felt pressured into making a decision because she was more concerned with leaving on time. It should be noted that my follow up appointment was four days after the incision, so I was still in a lot of pain and that pain was increased due to having a vein burst during the CT scan that she ordered prior to me actually seeing her. The pain that I was in became unbearable so I changed my mind about receiving the drain. I was hyperventilating and trying to calm myself when she tried to say something to me. I neither heard what was said nor could I immediately respond and because of this, she became belligerent and left the room. I sat in the room for another five minutes and when I was able to calm down, I attempted to apologize before we left and this was the start of the worst part of the experience. Not only did she halfway dismiss my apology, she said something to the tune of, "You have an inappropriate relationship and I'm going to refer you to a psychiatrist." This comment was highly inappropriate and highly unprofessional. Again, my mother was there because I was unable to transport myself to the appointment and she was in the room because she would be able to fill in the missing details from the night of my incision. I honestly wish that I was making the part about the psychiatric referral up, but I received a phone call from a representative about said referral and I politely asked the representative to close it. I would not recommend this doctor to my worst enemy.

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flag | Submitted November 18, 2015

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