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Dr. Oldano was very mean to me. She treated me like I was lying about being in pain. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. On top of that I have bulging discs in my lower back and a bone spur in my neck pushing on my spine and a nerve. So I have multiple reasons to be in pain. I am prescribed pain medicine for my issues. I took my medicine and I was still in back, pelvic, butt, and leg pain plus having confusion/brain fogginess. I went to the ER trying to find out WHY I was in extra pain. When I got there my BP was 137/95. That is high for me. I never have high BP. They took blood and urine and said that after the test results came back they would give me something for my pain. I told them I only needed something mild since I already had taken a my meds but they were not working. When Dr. Oldano came in to see me I told her that my back was burning and it was running into my butt and legs plus my stomach pelvic area hurt. She told me she was going to lay down the bed to examine my stomach. She asked if it would hurt my back if she did. I said I don't know. So she lowered the back of the bed and it didn't cause me anymore pain than I was already in. She asked me if it hurt when she lowered the bed and I said not much more than before. She started acting mean since that point. She treated me like I was lying about the pain. I am in constant pain all day every day and I told her that. I have a high tolerance for pain but I still needed to know WHY I was in more pain than usual. They gave me some pain medicine through an IV not sure what it was but it made me dizzy and eyes blurry. I asked the nurse if that was normal and she said it can be. So they did a CT Scan on me and found a 3cm cyst on my ovary. When Dr. Oldano came back in to tell me I asked her if that was causing all of my back, butt, and leg pain. Obviously it was causing my pelvic pain. She said she doesn't know and to follow up with my primary care dr. I told her I was concerned about the cyst because last time the cyst was 3cm it went to 6cm and filled with blood and I ended up in the hospital for 3 days. He response was that she wasn't psychic and can't tell the future. She said she could get into a car accident tomorrow too who knows. REALLY? This is how you treat a patient that is concerned about her health? She said they have an open door and if the pain stays or gets worse to come back. She also told me all of my labs were good but when I saw them some of them were not. Plus on top of all the coldness she already exhibited she told me I was lying about being Anemic. Well first off I never said I was Anemic. That came from a record they had on me from 2010. For another I am still below normal and I take iron pills everyday trying to get it in the normal range. How do you come at a patient and just flat say they are lying about something that was never even spoken about? I was so devastated by her behavior. I asked her about the confusion I was having. She told me that I didn't seem confused to her and that this is the first she is hearing of it. NO I have told every nurse since I had been there that I felt dazed. Not thinking clearly as I normally do. No one ever addressed that issue. Just acted like I was lying. She even stated at one time that she would not give me any percacet. Why would she say that? I don't even take that medicine so why would she think I would want one? I never asked for any medicine to take home. I just gave up asking for any answers or help. So she released me still in pain and with only one answer that didn't even answer all of the problems. Gave me a script for 5 muscle relaxers and walked out the door. I had to walk out and way down the hall still in pain and feeling kind of weird from whatever medicine they gave me. No one cared about anything and treated me like a liar that was there for pain pills. I have never been treated so badly. No one should ever be treated the way that DR Oldano treated me.

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flag | Submitted June 30, 2016

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