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Dr. Leppik is suffering from advance age Memory issues; He forgets most things, and miss documents 60 % of what you tell him. When I was there with a friend of mine who had been suffering from a dangerous and life threating neurological condition that was seeing DR. Leppik, my friend was shocked and so was I after seeing how Dr. LEPIK told my friend after several weeks of testing for brain surgery that he was denying my friend the surgery unless he was to apologize to the staff for telling his staff that they were incompetent!. Then while my friend was in Dr. Leppik’s exam room Leppik brought all office clerks (over 4 people who were not medical professionals) into the room while my friend was partially undress and said to the staff "ok he’s got something to say to you all.... (I was there… My friend it’s a very reasonable person who does not scream, threats, or behaves himself in any other way other than someone who is exercising his legal right to express dissatisfaction when one feels discriminated and mistreated, especially when one is in such stress concerned with dying as he was told several times.) I find it HORRIBLY unprofessional and UNETHICAL for a Doctor to threat a patient in such vulnerable condition to do something like this. There was also a time when I was with my friend and he had MINCEP on speaker phone on a recorded Line from our end, and my friend was telling the Staff how is it possible that the appointment has been canceled. The clerk responded with “HOLD ON”!! (From the start of this phone call my friend stated to the clerk the following “This line is being recorded for legal purposes” and she responded with I don’t care go ahead… all recorded) And proceeded to put her phone down without muting the phone at which time we both heard the staff make the following statement on a recorded line on our end: “OH GOD IS THIS IDIOT CALLING AGAIN HE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO HIS COUNTRY…. HE MUST BE BLACK” MINCEP IS THE WORLDS most Unethical, Unprofessional, and rude Neurological center. The staff will often cancel appointments without telling you until you show up on their office and they say "Oh your appointment was canceled" even though one has confirmation of the appointment on MINCEP’S letter head… it’s just horrible. THE MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH IS THE SINGLE WORST STATE IN THE COUNTRY FOR GIVING DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS AGAINST MD'S WHO VIOLATE THE PHYSICIANS ETHICAL Requirements FOR LICENSING, IN THAT 95% OF THE TIME THE STATE OF MINNESOTA HEALTH DEPARTMENT WILL NOT DO ANYTHING, WHICH IS WHY SO MANY MD'S END UP IN COURT SO OFTEN AND WHY THERE ARE MD’S THAT BEHAVE THIS WAY. See the following link for details: http://www.startribune.com/local/138692849.html OTHER MISSHABS HAVE TAKEN PLACE WITHIN MINCEP AND MINCEP’S NEUROPHSYCOLOGIST AS WELL WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN SHARED WITH

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flag | Submitted January 2, 2015

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