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Dr. Hanif was my primary care provider last year, till I requested my medical records. When I reviewed them, I was absolutely shocked. I’ve left a review before, but it seems it was removed, from another site. It was a very objective review. However, I forget there is a lot of people with poor reading comprehension and they see one word and lose sight of the idea being expressed. So, I felt compelled to leave another one, with my experiences. I will not say other reviews are inaccurate, how would I know! I’m no raciest, in fact I’m a big advocate of peace. Technical, we are the same race. So, such an accusation is hurtful, and part of the problem with the world, people are very subjective with little knowledge of what they point fingers at. At least I was objective. I will repeat the same idea with different words for the last statement, then I’ll go into detail; “I don’t know if she is overworked, lazy, or doesn’t like me for some unknown reason!” Yes, I’m not married and have been sexually active. Yes, I drink from time to time. So what! Should my father end me. Those are my choices. This is America and that’s okay, with the majority of Americans in the 21st century, even those of faith. I’m honest. I give great respect to others with different views and culture and I expect the same to reciprocated by all Americans. Even if they believe my lifestyle a sin. A few details. My first visit, Dr. Hanif asked what brings me in. I replied, “I want to establish a relationship with a primary care provider and I have a few symptom and issues that I would like to go over.” Then she asked me what I thought the problem was. I responded, telling her I’m not trained in medicine and would prefer to share the symptoms and not my layman thoughts. I did joking tell her, I checked an online symptom checker, it said I had menopause (I’m a male). Treat me for that I’ll be on my way. She laughed. Then I said seriously, It could be related to Anxiety or possibly something more serious that may need treatment. As I have a family history with Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis and considering the symptoms I just wanted to rule anything it out. After, that visit I had a couple episodes with balance and weird electricidal tingling feeling I my fingers and feet. Yes, that was concerning. Maybe nothing to worry about, or something terrifying. I didn’t know, so I went in for a visit, explained the symptoms asked if she could check my reflexes. She walked out, came back with a doc hammer, tap my knees once, then asked me to hold out my arms. Then she left saying I was a healthy boy. I’m 38, that was disrespectful and insight of her view of me. I don’t know much, but don’t believe that was a proper exam, anywhere. Then the MA came said I was done. Okay, that’s a little wired and something seemed wrong. After, I came back to request my records. They said they didn’t have them. I stated I know I have a legal right and would happy to pay for photocopies. Then I had to wait a week to get them. That’s okay as the law states they have few days to prepare them and can charge for copies. When I looked at them as was floored, when I read what she wrote. First visit, said “The patient came with his own differential of Menopause.” Nothing about the muscle spasms or back pain. Wow, really. For the visit when I was complaining of vertigo, losing my balance, and tingling. She wrote “The patient came requesting a neurological exam and admitted to being a hypochondriac” Umm, yea I wanted my reflexes check and NO I DIDN’T. I don’t even get close to the criteria for hypochondria. Where did that come from I don’t know, her imagination. The human mind is interesting, ever read the book ‘Mindwise’… She mentioned something about me losing my balance, but failed to mention my family history, spasms, and the tingling. Why would she do this maybe she’s lazy, overworked, or doesn’t like me. I guess she thought I would never read them. Maybe she thought I was lying, IDK. Did she get satisfaction from writing that. Hence, why I wrote in my initial review, she should have an extensive psychological review. There something very wrong there and it’s sad. Not to mention a possible public health concern. Unfortunately, I didn’t seek a second opinion, as I not seeking attention and I’m not a hypochondriac. The symptoms have gotten worse, especially the spasms. Lately, I been having very sever spasticity and it’s very painfully. That why I back here at healthgrades. I have an appointment now. Hopefully, I don’t have anything serious that have caused permeant damage left untreated. If so, I will see her again, not in her office, but in court. I have three years to file and I will, if warranted. If you have a cold or a sprained ankle, she will probably be fine and help. But if you have sex out of wedlock, enjoy wine, and possibly have something difficult to diagnose. Steer clear!

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