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Was referred and saw shannon the PA on first visit. She got exrays done and did a thourough assessment, telling me to have other nerve studies sent there for next visit, telling me I most likely would need surgery....HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO USE LEFT HAND AT ALL, FOR TWO MONTHS! Ulner nerve and tennis elbow, and shoulder impingement... pain and loss of ability to hold even a coffee cup! So much pain I called to try to get sooner appt, for at least a cortisone shot that we discussed. Was squeezed in and saw dr post. Not only did I get no shot, it was very clear he was not interested in treating me. As a former nurse (who even took care of his patients), I got the brush off... he made it clear he'd heard about me (multiple calls I. Assume begging for a shot or at least some prednisone to help)...he disagreed with the information I gave him about the results of two emgs, saying those tests aren't always accurate... and he was NOT giving me a shot, to call fam dr! This after shannons exam and the rheumatologist 2 hrs away lab results I had with me, and the rest he had access to right there, as they told me where to get them done so he could see! I'm not a pro athelete, and am on medicare and medicaid, take pain medication, and yes called several times to get seen sooner. I didn't even get a follow-up appt scheduled for after he receives emg results! I go to physical therapy in same bldg, and even telling him what they thought, or what to do, seemed to fall on deaf ears! Even the severe carpal tunnel in other hand was not an interest. So I drove home once again, with one arm, crying, the buck being passed. Why? TWO HOURS OF WAITING ....for not being important enough to even prescribe the steroids himself, or follow up? Whatever your judgement, opinion DR post... I was devastaed! And guess I now will have to go back to pa?,wvu?, two hr drive, and continue to drop and break coffe cups etc. Not sleep, and atrophy with each passing day. I'm very sorry to have inconvenienced you! I know if I'd come in in scrubs, not been on narcotic pain meds, etc. It would've been different. In 25 years of nursing, I know the brush off only too well!!

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flag | Submitted June 8, 2015

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