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Reading these good reviews I took appointment with this doctor ....i went for my annual check up during which she ran some blood work and she said to see her again for the lab results which was strange as I usually get it over the phone if ok/something wrong...during my first visit also she billed me in two different ways which I was not happy and I kind of disliked her and was cautious and dint wanted to see her...but she did not release my lab results over the phone and I didn't want to go for an office visit for this....when lab results was not told by doctor/nurse assistant I was forced to take an appointment to know my results. During my next visit to doc office as soon I bought this issue in between and why was my lab results not told over the phone ..she said she like to discuss in person. When I asked is this a follow up visit and I won't be charged she got up and walked out of room in between of reading lab results. I was kind of dint know what was happening and she got to billing department and left from there. the reason I am writing this review is please be careful if u end up going to this doctor.i feel forced to go get my lab results read from her and pay for the forced visit. Save yourself from this doctor After 8 weeks i saw specialists...rhematalogist as this doctor termed me by saying i have 'lupus'. I generally dont write review at all. Even though i read reviews before but havent written one. But this doctor need to be addressed. Doctor...i dont know. After being cheated which i have written the review previously, i waited to see the rhematologist. I had wait more than month for their appointment....i didnt go to the doctor she refrerred as i had lost the total trust in this doctor. My mental agaony was lot as i thought i had "lupus" which this doctor mentioned to me...i was feeling sick with this tought. My rhematalogist asked my lab results and seeing that first she said was i didnt have anything and i was fine. I was shocked. She said she did do the testing for this and it had come negative and she was supposed to stop there. But this doctor whent ahead with some more testing from which you cannot be termed as "Lupus" this is a big term. This doctor doent really know what she is terming. Just she know what are the possible ways to bill you in different ways. Please save yourself...time..peace and money from this doctor. It was in August i had my Pap smear test...till now i dont know my result. When she had me in her office for going through lab results she didnt care telling me.I called and asked in october last week to mail my Pap Smear results which i am yet to receive. All it was in me was low level of Vitamin D in me. And this doctor told me to take vitamin D of some dosage which she said she will write it for me but when i asked about why she had billed me in two different ways....she walked out of the room and didnt care to write me what dosage i was supposed to take. And she said she dosent do the billing ...its billing department who does....so does billing department are the doctors...who now how i am supposed to be billed. It was rhematologist who sent the high dosage of Vit D prescription as my levels where very low. This doctor asked me to take it over counter. The front office is no good either...if you see someone in their office they are good...else no. After which when i called 3 time i was put on hold for 30 min and no proper response. I need to go some where and compalin about this. Till now i dont know my Pap smear result...and i have been billed for this. Very frustrated. Just cant tell how much i had to go through just because of this doctors wrong diagonise.

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  • Gandhi Med Coll, Univ Hlth Sci, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Ap, India (Grad. 1997)

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