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Dr. Washinsky has been my doctor for 6 years. In the past couple of years I have

experienced a huge decline in the support staff, and will now be forced to change providers.

I will also be writing Dr. Washinsky a letter explaining my decision.

I recently have had to visit the office every Friday for the last 3 weeks. None of the

visits left me with a positive experience.

1) the first visit 3 weeks ago, I waited over 1 1/2 hours before being seen. And then when

I was, he requested that I see his partner instead (and I like Dr Kahlik so didn't have a

problem so much with that). This was a scheduled appointment.

2) I called the following Wednesday to see if the results from my chest xray had arrived.

When told it hadn't, I called the Radiologist and they assured me it was faxed that day.

3) the next visit, that Friday was only a 40 minute wait for a scheduled appointment. I was

able to see Dr Washinsky. He didn't have the xray results in the file. He asked me what Rx

Dr Kahlik had prescribed, I didn't remember the name. The 2 Rx's that I had received the

earlier week were not recorded in my chart - even though they took a photocopy of the

prescription before I left. He wrote me another Rx which I immediately took to the

pharmacy. They stated the Rx had been wrote for a size that is not even made. I had to

wait for the Rx until they could reach the Dr and get the correct dosage to prescribe.

4) I called the office the following Monday to find out the results on the xray, had to

leave a message and the call was never returned.

5) I called the next day, got through but was put on hold for over 5 minutes. I explained

that I had verified the xray results had been sent to the office, and I wanted to know the

results. I was again put on hold for more like 10 minutes. When they came back online,

they stated they can't give results out over the phone. I expressed that I had been in

there Friday, and they couldn't find the results and did nothing to call and get them while

I was there. I did not feel I should have to come back in just to get the results. Again

was put on hold for around 10 minutes - finally they came back and did provide me with the

results over the phone.

6) My condition was still not clearing up, so I called on Thursday. I was immediately put

on hold, and then disconnected. I called back and received their voicemail. I left a

message that I had been disconnected and needed a call back. After several hours with no

call back, I called again and reached the voice mail. Left another message that I needed a

call back. Never received a call back. Called again, it unfortunately was 2 minutes after

closing time.

7) Friday AM (this morning) I called and got through. Again put on hold for around 5

minutes. Explained I had left messages and never got a call back, and that my condition was

not clearing up and needed to see the Dr. I was given an appointment for later in the


8) I was able to see the Dr within a 15 minute wait - totally acceptable. Was given another

Rx which included a controlled substance cough syrup. When I left I went shopping and

dropped off my Rx. The pharmacist said that the Dr did not date the Rx and they could not

fill it until he could confirm the date due to the controlled substance. Attempts to

contact Dr Washinsky were unsuccessful because the office had just closed (shortly after

4PM) and he does not have an answering service, only the voice mail.

Unfortunately I have to leave to go out of state Sunday AM so will now need to deal with

getting the Rx transferred to another pharmacy while I am supposed to be working at a client


I have never left a review before, but really did not want someone looking for a new doctor

to go into that decision blindly. Hopefully Yelp will be used as a resource.

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flag | Submitted Sept. 20, 2014


This dr was very unconscionable to me on a personal level- also, failed to order appropriate diagnostic tests in a serious situation on a timely basis.

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flag | Submitted May 31, 2014

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