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Honestly, I am not someone who usually (if ever) leaves reviews (and cannot recall a time I've ever left a negative review), so it took a lot to get me to the point where I am right now, where I feel compelled to leave a negative review to spare someone else the negative experience I had. When I got there, I found out that they don't dilate your pupils like a typical eye doctor (which is covered by insurance), but rather, do this other exam that costs $60 and isn't covered by ANY insurance companies! I was NOT told about this over the phone, so I felt it was unethical for them to not inform me of this before I came in for the appointment. I asked if they could dilate my pupils instead of doing this test, but they said I'd have to reschedule for another day, since they said it could take 3 hours (which I felt was such an outrageous claim, since that has always been a very quick process at any eye doctor I've ever been to!). I ended up opting for convenience and stayed, hoping maybe the doctor would agree to dilate my pupils, but I ended up having to wait TWO HOURS until I got to see the doctor. At that point, there wasn't enough time left to do the pupil dilation and eye exam before I needed to head back to work, so I HAD to do that stupid $60 test instead. I honestly felt manipulated. The worst part were the attitudes of him and the staff. They never once apologized to me for having to wait so long and for not informing me before-hand about the $60 test in place of pupil dilation. To top it all off, they wouldn't simply give me a prescription for glasses and contacts, but are requiring me to wait until a trial pack is mailed to me in a week, then I have to call them back to get the prescription, which I felt was unnecessarily complicated. I have been going to an eye doctor for 12 years now and it has always been a very straight-forward, quick, and simple process. This was complicated from the get-go and I felt disregarded and cheated. I work less than ten minutes away from this place and gave myself 3 hours from the time of the appointment until I needed to be back at work and was almost late due to their untimeliness (with no apology!). Needless to say, I will not be going back.

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flag | Submitted June 16, 2015

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