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Attn: Mitchell Grabois, My wife, Aliaksandra Kavaliova was under the prenatal care of Dr. Lev Kandinov. Her E.D.C. was 5-31-2017. Two weeks prior to delivery we were told by Dr. Kandinov she was dialated 4 cm and her delivery would come very fast. We asked Dr. Kandinov,on several occasions if it was possible to have an induction of labor due to that fact. His reply was, It doesn’t fit into my schedule at this time. On 5-21-17, 5-22-17 I spoke with the doctor by phone and asked for induction he said come in tomorrow. On 5-23-17 she was seen in the doctors office for exam. On all three visits we again asked to be induced. She was again told not at this time go home and wait. On 5-23-17 At 9:00 p.m. Dr. Kandinov was called because Aliaksandra was in labor with contractions every minute in a half. He instructed us not to worry and go to the hospital. I asked him if he would meet us there and he told me, no I will show up when the nurses call me after your wife is assessed. We went straight to Memorial Hospital, 5 minutes from the hospital I called again to Dr. Kandinov to ask for someone to meet us with a wheel chair as my wife was screaming in the car. He reassured me that he would call and have them waiting for us to help. Upon arrival to Memorial, no one was waiting with a wheelchair. I took my laboring wife out of the car and carried her into the hospital. She was placed on a bed in labor and delivery. Within minutes Dr. Svetlana Maslyak came into the room the baby was coming the babies heart rate dropped to under 90 beats per minute and Dr. Kandinov never made it. Dr. Maslyak immediately did a 4th Degree episiotomy and delivered the baby. Dr. Kandinov finally showed up, my son had been born 5 minute prior. Right after delivery Dr. Maslyak stepped out and Dr. Kandinov stepped into the room. Dr. Kandinov did the repair of the 4th degree laceration. The next day, 05-24-17 he never came post operatively to see my wife. On the third day, 05-25-2017 he came in the afternoon and he examines my wife and said everything looks perfect and left. We were discharged that day to go home. On the 05-28-17 the sutures broke through out the incision of the repair and fecal matter was coming from her vagina. Dr. Kandinov was called and his reply was it is a holiday weekend so just keep it clean and come in my office on 5-30-17. He also instructed us NOT to go back to Memorial Hospital. I started to google and found my wife had all the signs of a fistula. On 5-30-17 we went to Dr. Kandinov’s office, I told him what I had researched. He said he was sure that was not the case here. But after discussing it further he also went to his computer and after searching google told me he thought I was right. He scheduled her surgery for the next day at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center not Memorial where we had already been. She was released that same day. We were told to return to Dr. Kandinov on 6-02-17. No one ever confirmed our appointment with his office. And the fecal matter was still happening to my wife after the second repair. The fistula was still present and was never repaired.

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