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Family have over 10 years experience. It’s concerning as of past couple the medical / health services have changed in ways which are not consistent even between patients. Also perceived a burden for patients and families : *doctors running behind schedule, ( wait 1.5-2 hours) which seems excessive waiting time to see Dr. Wyma for an appointment that does not cover entire patient care medications and symptoms or questions . He decides when he is going to stop and leaves important matters to await few more months. * billing problems,: office seems uninformed of the amendments and entire mental health Hipaa and PHI Statues and laws. Their handling of patient records are not electronic and depends legability ir accuracies or subjective entries ti patient records . There have been noted errors on medications, status of prescribed medications when called in to a pharmacy the dose and amount have been inscurrate or not even aware what serious drugs he is prescribing and unaware to even inquire during appointments despite his written RX or refills of heart blood pressure and other important medications. * indifferent and inconsistent patient care service quality and office manners. For example, many instances from one family member to another standards are different and unusual standards that seem unexplained and unnecessary to force another appointment for questions easily answered as any other doctor in the past or even this Dr Wyma; over the phone . It overly charges insurance companies and creates additional waste of time waiting on an average 45-1.5 hours to have an apoointment which is often incomplete. Office staff need to be cognizant the complexities of number and types of medications co exisuting diseqses and complicating and it congenital spinal disorders affecting symptoms to be discerned carefully. The only medications focused on are those causing a regulation for the Dr and patient’s interests are secondary to the doctors care to perform their own risk management compromising the quality and quantity patient safe and informative care too many instances . This is a situation increasingly a problem with the patient care service over all and information benefiting the patient to be informed for their needs and time planning or posted billing costs for appointment durations etc are not provided even when asked specifically. Insurance claims are selectively filed and have had to specify advise multiple times to process the Billings created in any way. Any unfortunate missed appointment with in 24 hours for illness or urgent matters are inconsistently billed between providers to the contract amount with the insurance companies to Dr Wyma’s significant over and beyond amount with examples in financial records to demonstrate this seemingly unfair billing practices and the aggressive attempt to force credit cards on their file or to get a bill paid yet to be received also seems inappropriate and another problem that interferes with appropriate over all patient safe and completeness of medical / health care and rights to make informative decisions due to unilateral decisions when time is up and what is to be discussed ! We have regretted this change and hope soon it shall be redirected by those managing these practices and overseeing quality care proper patient respect and insurance Billings etc ... Other wise in the previous years Dr Wyma seemed knowledgeable, compassionate and completeness more safe than it is today . Also given the nature of the practice the added emotional or mental distress dealing with the office manager or few staff and their communication problems or even misinformation affects the over all patient medical mental and health care in addition to the investments.

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