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I was having severe burning chest pain and shortness of breath. I had an endoscopy that said I had a hiatal hernia ( according to Dr. Bonner ). Dr. Bonner said the surgery ( hernia wrap repair ) would take care of the symptoms but I would have to adjust my diet. So I went with the surgery. Several months after the surgery I was still having burning chest pain and shortness of breath. I went back to Dr. Bonner several months later to talk about my symptoms and he said I need to change my diet but there was nothing more that could be done. I asked if he thought I had Cardiovascular issues. He stated that it was not my heart it was how I ate and I needed to learn to live with this for the rest of my life. I told him that maybe I should get a stress test. He said that would be a waste of time that if I had any cardiology issues, he would have seen it in my EKG during surgery. Well I left with my wife and we both felt that his concern was extremely lacking and he did not care. Several months later I went and got a stress test and Failed It !!!! The cardiologist pulled me into a room and prescribed the normal meds for Angina and scheduled a heart cath. I had the heart cath a week later and they found my LAD artery ( widow maker ) was 100% blocked and the OM artery was 75% blocked. It was too risky to stent so I had Open Heart BY Pass surgery on December 2017. Needless to say, I’m lucky to be alive. All I can remember is Dr. Bonner saying there is nothing wrong with you. I really did not want to write this letter because I should have known better as I work in Medical Sales for a living in cardiology. I told myself trust the doctors. That failed me. Fast forward 2.5 years later and why I decided to speak up. I now have a collection letter for 8850 dollars for a 2nd surgeon who assisted on the case. I contacted the collection agency ( MedSurgical Group ) at 281-928-7337 and spoke with Tandy. She explained that Dr. Gustavo Manrique assisted in the surgery and he was “out of network” and BCBS would not pay him. This was never disclosed to me and Tandy stated that many patients of Dr. Bonner have been having this problem. Sounds like a scam as other people on these review sites are starting to find out. It should not take two surgeons to do a Hernia repair. I advise you be careful with your life in this doctors hands and beware that the needless billing my last for years.

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flag | Submitted August 19, 2019

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