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Dr. Kamkar severely lacks in compassion and empathy. She looks very anorexic and dresses like she is going to a night club when she is supposed to be doing therapy. She also has extremely bad breath which I swear is connected to her severe underweight appearance. I could barely sit near her reviewing my homework and had to hide my nose in my hand or risk gagging. I don't care if they put her on Global TV as some expert, she's not very good one-to-one at all. She's like a robot. All she does is read to you out of a CBT manual and review your homework like you are 10 years old. This was the worst therapy experience of my life. Everything you say to her gets written in a report and sent back to WSIB and most of my words were twisted around. I did not get any real help from her and actually got worse in her care. I was forced to see her by WSIB and had no choice in the matter or they would cut off my compensation benefits. If you get upset and cry, and tells you that you are depressed and wants you on anti-depressants. If you refuse, you are labelled "challenging" and then she starts to question if you have other psychiatric labels just because you prefer not to take anti-depressants. I was in a very serious work accident where I almost died from a freak event with heavy machinery and I was not allowed to cry about it. My accident was barely 6 months ago and if I cried I was automatically depressed. I almost had my head chopped off from a piece of machinery that came loose! She can't answer questions if it is not in the CBT manual. She refuses to get to know you or be friendly in any way. She can be late for your appointment but don't you dare show up even 2 minutes late or they will report that to WSIB. She doesn't care about your life or family and how they are impacted by your PTSD. If you she doesn't think you have bought into her CBT program she calls you difficult. When i said it was not helping me she started asking questions about my "psychiatric history" (i don't have one) and then told the other people on the team she thought I had "Borderline personality" and sent me to an extra assessment and told all of this to WSIB. My family doctor was very upset and said to ignore everything she was saying. This was the first time I have had any type of therapy in my life and it was horrible. I had to drive so far from my home to attend these mandatory appointments and then this weird group with the same CBT stuff from my private appointments. It's like going to school to learn self-help. She makes you see some occupational therapist who tells you things about the other staff he probably shouldn't and his job is to drag you around the city for "exposure" therapy. It's weird that CAMH works for WSIB and operates a secret hidden clinic just for WSIB. I don't think it is ethical or right. She is working for WSIB, do not be fooled, she is not there to help YOU as a patient at all. If you don't follow along like a sheep, she will tell WSIB you don't co-operate and put your benefits in jeopardy and she won't go to bat for you at all with WSIB. I even over-heard her talking about me behind the reception desk off to the side when she thought no one was there and I was sitting there waiting. Very rude and unprofessional. AVOID AT ALL COSTS if you have a choice. If you are assigned to her from WSIB, prepare yourself and do NOT trust her with the truth. If you have childhood "trauma" even if you think it is not a big deal, keep it to yourself because she will blame your childhood issues on your reaction to nearly having your head chopped off so that WSIB can get out of paying you!

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flag | Submitted November 22, 2017

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