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Technically, very competent and knowledgable. Very personable in many ways. Commercially, some practices I don't care for. She doesn't tell you up front that if you change contact lens sizes, regardless of their disclaimer statement, that it's a new fitting fee entirely @ $650.00. They do emphasize unlimited visits to get the first set of lenses working right, but in writing there's a 90 day expiry, which sounds reasonable until your lenses come in and 12 of those 90 days are burned up because she's not available. She also doesn't tell you up front that if getting your lenses right takes more than 6 visits she's losing money. I also don't feel that the time it takes to fit my somewhat complex case - which I fully disclosed up front - has anything to do with resources available to other patients. That's hers to manage and not relevant to me. I provided the maximum information that I could about the historical difficulty I've had getting lenses fitted when I first engaged her services, and these post-engagement disclosures demonstrate that she didn't do the same for me. In my view, any time in excess of 3 business days after lens arrival where she can't see me should be added to the 90 day warrantee period. The 90 day period should also refer to business days when the clinic is open. The full refit fee for lens size changes must be disclosed up front. If the six visits is a maximum that incurs additional costs, then that should be disclosed prior to the engagement. And the unit rate at which those costs or the fixed fee amount should also be disclosed, - before any examinations occur or money changes hands. If I'd known all this up front, I might not have engaged her services. It is possible that others might have the same position, which is perhaps why the disclosures aren't made. That's only speculation on my part.

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flag | Submitted April 1, 2017

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