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I took my three-week-old daughter to see McGinty at Cardinal Glennon hospital in St. Louis, where she is currently working (dunno why every review site still says Springfield). My daughter was born with metatarsus adductus or "pigeon toe," according to McGinty, and began her treatment right away. Everything went fine for the first two weeks during my daughter's casting stage, but when McGinty allowed the orthotist to fit my daughter's corrective shoes, unsupervised, everything went downhill. The orthotist made it clear that the corrective shoes had to be tight and because the shoes they chose for her were slightly too big (McGinty knew this), they had to punch an extra hole in the buckle. Approximately five hours after napping with the shoes still on, I was changing her diaper and noticed some severe bruising and discoloration on both of her tiny legs. So, I immediately removed the shoes and noticed her feet were turning blue. I took my newborn to the Cardinal Glennon E.R. and a pediatrician there said the overly tight shoes had cut the circulation off in both of her legs and feet. Approximately two hours later (my daughter has now been crying/screaming for five hours now while in the E.R.) an orthopedic doctor who worked under McGinty said my daughter "could have had an allergic reaction to the cotton socks she wore under the shoes," which obviously wasn't the case based on the pediatrician's opinion and the fact she wears cotton every day! So, I argued with her, simply stating the obvious, and she said they really didn't know why this happened (granted she worked with McGinty, so she wouldn't admit any error on McGinty's part out of loyalty). So, during discharge, they told me to make my daughter a follow-up appointment for Friday, three days later. The next day, one of McGinty's team members called me and said: "We seen where Amelia (daughter) was in the E.R. yesterday and McGinty "diagnosed her with an allergic reaction to the cotton socks and to put the shoes back on." So, basically they DIAGNOSED my newborn over the phone, without seeing her, and told me to put the shoes that could have caused her to lose her legs, back on. In addition, I was still planning on taking my daughter to her Friday follow-up appointment, but McGinty's office called me four hours beforehand only to inform me that McGinty had to leave her office early. As a result, my daughter is no longer receiving treatment there. Furthermore, after taking my daughter to Children's Hospital in STL, we found out that McGinty was supposed to x-ray my daughter's feet before treating her condition in order to properly diagnose her, which she did not, so after receiving the x-ray results, we found out she was NOT pigeon toed, but had club feet. Dr. McGinty is not to be trusted because she is more concerned with "being right" than admitting her error while jeopardizing a newborn's health.

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flag | Submitted November 18, 2014

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