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I was seen by Dr Lang during his locum at OTMH. He assessed me for fibromyalgia. Dr Lang needs to learn to connect w his patients rather than the hospital notes. I was hospitalized after 8 months of attempting to convince my GP that I was sick. In spite of SOB, fever, wheezing and extreme weakness she told me to lose weight. As a nurse w 35 years experience I was frustrated and angry. I was taking Arthrotec for joint pain. I refused opiates as I am allergic to morphine; something u should have seen in my chart. I took an antidepressant and benzodiazepines as prescribed by a psychiatrist for depression and a panic disorder. The levels of methadone, opiates and TCAs were false positives caused by Seroquel. The Narcan had no effect. I was comatose for a week bc some physician w an equal grasp of psychotropic meds as yourself discontinued my antidepressant. It could have been fatal. The MRI of my lower spine and hips was done at Joseph Brant Hospital which u would have known if u had asked my GP. I do not take Percocet. When I saw u I had had one prescription for 2 herniated discs at L3 and L4. I had difficulty sleeping bc of the antidepressant; something you're probably not familiar with. I have never been diagnosed by a psychiatrist w OCD and I am not hypertensive since being assessed by an internist who discontinued the clonidine. My inferior infarct in ICU was precipitated by the abrupt discontinuation of the Effexor. U refer to two years of inactivity. I worked most of that 2 years and I assure u I did not experience 10 years of insomnia. The months of insomnia before my admission was related to a Hgb of 90 and the pneumonia which created an SO2 on admission of 72%. My GP would also have told u I cannot tolerate TCAs so recommending them was useless. I have written many patient assessments and I would suggest u need to work on condescension, judgment without facts and misogyny. U were addressing a 61 yo woman who worked very hard to reduce potentially addictive medications whenever possible, who almost died bc of the incompetence of her GP, who was looking at losing a job I loved with a significant salary for which I had worked very hard. You're not assessing a body but a human being. I spent 6 weeks being treated like dirt by members of my own profession bc they believed the false positives like u. I am deeply offended by your assessment. It was unprofessional and inaccurate. Maybe read some texts on holistic medicine or effective communication skills. Might help.

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flag | Submitted May 7, 2016

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