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I had a terrible experience with Hart Dentistry and specifically with Borzoo Ahmadi who, at a minimum is prickly, defensive, rude, has a terrible 'chairside' manner and doesn't seem comfortable with answering questions for a patient who doesn't treat the dentist as God. You know the type. I've had lifelong dental issues. I've also moved frequently, so I've been to a range of dentists. I certainly know the importance of asking lots of questions before you start any medical procedure. Ahmadi turned out to be one of those people who won't let you finish a question, then naturally, gives answers that aren't responsive to what I was trying to ask. This was a concern to me, of course. When I tried to ask why he wasn't listening to or answering my questions. Ahmadi suddenly flipped out and started yelling AT ME, He accused me at yelling at him (I was expressing my confusion and unhappiness but I really honestly wasn't yelling) then decreed he wouldn't work with me. (This part was actually funny. Apparently he thought it was a dramatic threat of some sort -- as if at that point I was thinking that some some guy who won't answer my questions and is yelling at me was still in the running to be my dentist!) A day later I was contacted by another, more senior, dentist from Hart, their 'quality control" guy, who said he'd looked at my records and that HE would follow up and work with me. I'd calmed down a bit and said OK and made an appointment to meet with him. But before that day, I got a message from the office manager saying that it had been decided that NO ONE there would work with me -- despite the fact that no one there had heard from me about what I felt happened with Ahmadi. I was very upset at the time, but of course, in retrospect I'm delighted that I managed to escape this place.

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Submitted July 6, 2017

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