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I don’t normally write a review, but hope to save somebody from going through what I went through. My husband and I went to Dr David Mackenzie for counseling. We have a great relationship but after 10 years we felt the need to tackle this part of our relationship. I am a 50 year old woman brutally going through perimenopause, the morning of our appointment I woke up knowing I was having one of those days where my emotions where running extremely high due to the fluctuation in my hormones…I have had a few of those days and knew that I would cry at a drop of hat, a cute puppy would make me cry, to say the least anything good or bad that day would of made me cry. I am not an overly emotional person, but going through this change in my life there has been many days when I have felt like I did when I was a teenager and the hormones could take me anywhere. But we had booked this appointment (prepaid no cancellation) and I am really committed to working through the issues with my husband. I felt no fear walking into Dr Mackenzie office, I knew that I would be vulnerable but anticipated a counsellor would understand. When we entered his office I tried to explain to him that I was having one of those days. By saying that I didn’t need heat with the terrible hot flashes I was having and said very earlier on in our conversation that I was struggling with emotions that day due to the incredible changes my body was going through. I will not go into the details of the conversation, but to say the least I have never felt more brutalized emotional in my life. This even topped the death of my beloved father. He constantly cut me off, I could never get more than 2 sentences out at time and then he would immediately draw conclusions because I was crying. I cried for over half of the session. To top everything off, he seemed very empathic to my husband but not to myself. Please be careful if you are going to see this guy, as he said when my husband said we will think about booking another appointment “he is not for everybody”. Be careful it is going to take me awhile to get over the hour and half I spent with this person.

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flag | Submitted February 10, 2016

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