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I brought my Mother in law to emergency in Salmon Arm with a pre-existing condition. She was scheduled for a pre-Op in Kamloops the next morning. She arrived by ambulance at approximately 4 pm an I was told the doctor Ostby was going to see her shortly. I told the nurses on staff she was going to have brain surgery in two days and needed to be in Kamloops the next morning. She was very nauseated and had been throwing up because of pressure from a large frontal lope tumor. The nurses advised it had been a busy day but the doctor would see her quickly to arrange transport etc. They would not give her anything until Dr ostby seen her. After nearly two hours a shift change occured and nurse Jenny arrived and immediately placed an IV port and advised she would talk to Dr ostby and get an order for meds. Within minutes my Mother in law was finally able to get rest. Hours passed without any Dr seeing her. I could see Dr ostby going from room to room and tried to be patient. Eventually she would be joking at times with nurses . I tried to get her to talk to me but she would simply walk around me or walk away. I kept asking nurses if she would be able to tell me if Mother in law would be taken by ambulance to Kamloops for the rest of her treatment and surgery. I got the same answer the the Doctor would see her shortly. I eventually stood very near where ostby was making notes and was asked by a nurse if I was being helped. I said I simply needed two minutes of the Doctor's time. Dr ostby looked at me and asked with a smile Oh do you need a prescription? I said no it's about ________ saying my Mother in law's name. at this she walked away. After 7 hours of being ignored I heard another nurse asking if they were putting my Mother in law in the ward. I came forward and advised she needed to be in Kamloops in the morning and I had been trying to talk to the Dr for hours to make sure she would be taken but had been ignored by her. Dr ostby bristled at this and said I haven't ignored anyone then walked away. Still nothing. I eventually left the hospital telling the nursing staff I trusted they would get Mother in law to Kamloops in the morning. I drove back home and 10 minutes later my wife received a call from the hospital telling us to come get her Mother she was discharged. I drive back to the hospital (3 minutes away). Entered the emergency room and had a nurse remark you waited all that time just to get home and be called back. I said it was ridiculous as I knew she couldn't go home as she would be sick and returning minutes from now. I said this could have been avoided if the Dr would have just talked to me. Dr ostby looked up and was obviously angry and said I want to talk to you. Ivsaid good . I went to my Mother in law who was not awake or ready to leave. I spoke to her and she was very weak and unable to become alert enough to answer questions. Nurse Jenny explained some meds left for me to take with her. Dr ostby finally got there and said she was too busy with life threatening cases to deal with this one . She advised I was to take my Mother in law home...now it's 11:30 pm then load her up in the morning and take her the 2 hours to Kamloops hospital and take her to emergency there so she can become their patient and will then be taken care of by them. I asked if she Dr ostby would be helping me physically to get her from this bed to my vehicle then ride to her house and help me lift her into the house and to her bed the arrive in the morning to do it again so I could take her to Kamloops. She said no. She then turned to Mother in law and asked how she felt. Of course she had extreme difficultly answering and could not stay awake long enough to say two words in a row. I told ostby she needed to stay as there was no way I could safely rake out of the hospital. She finally agreed . I advised this could have been avoided by simply talking to me. She then advised they would need to organize the transfer etc with the other doctors involved in the case. I advised that is what I was trying to do at 4 pm when those people were still arround. ostby got up and said I don't have to listen to this and walked away. She is a very poor doctor with no bedside manner or common sense.

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