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I am a patient at a clinic at which this doctor is an attending doctor at times. I am not her patient nor is my husband but both of us have had the misfortune of having been treated by her. If you are a hammer everything looks like a nail. This is a problem that mediocre doctors have. My husband has an autoimmune condition that is being treated with prednisone which in itself is an effect of the failure of the medical community. In any event the prednisone causes thinning of the skin and that together with his compromised immune system resulted in his contracting cellulitis in his right foot. It took some time for another doctor to discover this was the problem but it was treated with the proper medication. It recurrent a few weeks later in his right hand. A characteristic of cellulitis is that it affects limbs on the same side of the body. When my husband went to the clinic the second time the attending doctor was Berard. She ignored his assertion that it was cellulitis and insisted that he had a broken wrist even as an x-ray proved that this was not the case. She did not consult his file. He had to coerce her into prescribing the appropriate medication which began working shortly after. My malady was an ear infection. Many people will recall the first studies done about thirty years ago about the failure of certain antibiotics. One very high profile study was of the ineffectiveness of amoxicillin in the treatment of some ear infections. Frances Berard looked in my outer ear with the scope but do not look further claiming that it was not possible to see. She said that most ear infections, however, are internal in origin and prescribed an oral antibiotic, amoxicillin. It did not work. I went to the hospital in Carman a few days later still suffering from excruciating pain where a very good doctor looked in my ear. He explained that he had to look in further to see into my middle ear which he did. There was no sign of infection in my middle ear just in the outer cavity which Berard had already seen. An oral antibiotic does not treat this. I was prescribed another topical antibiotic in the form of,ear drops which began to mitigate the problem shortly after and it is much better now but it had gotten a lot worse because of Berard's negligence.

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flag | Submitted September 4, 2018

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