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It was a cold winter night. Bitter cold. So cold, in fact, that I was actually warmer when I put on my brass bra. As a witch, I have always had cold titties. This time, though, they were nearly frozen. Believing my life was in danger, I called 911. The ambulance crew probably had better things to do, but I made them drive to my house in three feet of snow regardless. I'm telling you, those titties were cold. When I arrived at the hospital three hours later (damn snow drifts), I met Dr. Lockwood. I expected him to tell me I was an idiot for calling an ambulance for a bullsh*t complaint, but he didn't. He didn't chastise me for abusing the system either. Quite the contrary, in fact! Dr. Lockwood actually gave me a sandwich and a cup of hot cocoa. With four warm blankets and two extra pillows rounded up by the nursing staff, I sipped my cocoa and drifted off to sleep. I usually ask for dilaudid to knock my out, but this time I didn't need any. The sound of Dr. Lockwood's sweet voice lulled me to sleep. I believe he sang "Goodnight Sweetheart," but I can't remember for sure. When I woke up one hour and 59 minutes later, Dr. Lockwood was at the bedside. His face was that of an angel, watching over me as I slept. He asked if I was feeling better, and when I reached for my cold titties, I was surprised that they felt just fine! Even with the brass bra, my witch titties were finally warm. He discharged me, and nursing staff had my free cab waiting at the front door. And wouldn't you know it, he even gave me an extra sandwich tray for the road. He'll never admit it, but I think he paid for that second sandwich out of his own pocket. :) Thank you, Dr. Lockwood, for caring so much. You saved my life that day, I know you did. I would recommend Dr. Lockwood's services to anyone!

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