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This physician may be okay for the 'less evolved' citizen who doesn't mind being shoved out the door with a pocket full of unneeded medications, but if you're looking for a doctor who actually listens to you and takes note of your symptoms, you should probably go somewhere else. This doctor spent an entire intro session berating me for investing MY money and time into more natural care with another holistic MD, when she could've been listening to what I was trying to tell her and trying to help in her own way. She denied that my diagnoses from another doctor even exists, yet refused to even listen to the symptoms (literally interrupted and shut me down) and battled with me about referring me to a more well-equipped specialist. I decided to give her another chance but our second session was no better. It was clear that she hadn't reviewed my blood results beforehand (and I never received a call that they'd even come in). She proceeded to calculate my cholesterol on her phone while I was in the room (I'm so impressed by your doctorly powers!), then told me that while I have high good AND bad cholesterol, they cancel each other out and I shouldn't worry about it. Didn't give me any tips or information on how I could reduce the bad. Additionally, she expressed that she wanted to put me on strong antibiotics BEFORE my pap smear results came back - and lo and behold, they came back negative, no antibiotics required! I told her multiple times that I've been in a very happy monogamous relationship for 5 years, yet she continued to repeatedly scrutinize me, asking if I was sure I trusted the person I was with, etc. It's clear that this woman doesn't have time to listen to her patients and has somewhere better to be. Honestly, I feel as though a rendezvous with WebMD would've been more helpful - and certainly less judgmental and offensive.

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flag | Submitted October 27, 2014

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