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Had what ended up being a broken bone in foot. In appointment he wanted his own Xrays and sent in a girl with a wheel chair. The wheel chair had no foot rests and I am over 6 feet tall. She told me "hold your feet in the air." It seemed like the wheelchair was the size for a child. My good foot hit the floor on one side and she ran over the foot with the wheel chair ripping some skin off. She did not slow down at all and did not say a word except "put your foot on this machine." After wheeling me back to the room I got back on the table while she said nothing. This was the first time had more injuries coming out from doctors office. After looking at Xray the doctor recommended MRI and boot to wear. Did not see him again. Another woman from his office put wrong size boot on my foot. I left and picked up referral for MRI. All offices on their referral could not do MRI for 2+ weeks. I called them and they recommended another place that could do it the next day. I arrived and they did not take me on time. After waiting 1 hour I asked how much longer. They said it would be at least 3 more hours since machine broken. They suggested I schedule the next monday. I went back and called this doctors office again and they found another place that could do it the next day. After MRI read 3 days later sent to doctor and he said there were fractured bones in foot now 9 days after seeing him. He did not put foot in cast but said boot was enough.

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flag | Submitted May 21, 2017

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