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My ratings of punctuality, helpfulness and knowledge are not accurate because I didn't get a chance today to meet with Dr. Strapko, though I have heard she is excellent. My issue is with the staff, who upon my arrival at the exact and correct time of my appointment, and after I waited in line at the window, informed me that I was 10 minutes late, and I had to reschedule the appt. I am very careful to accurately note upcoming appointments and I was not wrong in the time I had written down (11.20 am), but Karen, the desk staff assistant, told me I was late (according to her my appt. was at 11.10 am). She said because they were running 20 minutes behind schedule (not my problem), the doctor wouldn't be able to see me today and that I would have to re-schedule. She also seemed perturbed that I hadn't yet filled out the paperwork required of a new patient, which of course course would require more time. I would have been happy to fill it out beforehand if I had received it in the mail but it wasn't sent to me. I am a recently retired college professor with 40 years experience and I understand the importance of showing up on time for commitments. Karen also rudely questioned my ability to hear (nothing is wrong with my hearing!) when I initially made the appt. by telephone and then stated today "we all make mistakes". Yes, you did, Karen!. This conversation took place in front of several other patients in the waiting room, which caused me considerable embarrassment. This was my first time visiting Dr. Strapko and it was in regard to a concern about a possible cancerous spot on my scalp. I initially rescheduled the appointment but then later called and cancelled it because I do not want to deal with rude office staff. Some suggestions, Karen: don't overbook Dr. Strapko so you make patients wait. I assume some of the patients in the waiting room today had been there for some time if you said you were running behind 20 minutes. Also, I was a new patient. I was treated with very little consideration. If it had been me in your shoes, I would have minimized the disagreement about whether the appt. was at 11.10 or 11.20 and would have made accommodations for the doctor to see me. It would be very helpful to patients if you send text reminders, or call, or send emails to remind of upcoming appts, so there is no question about the time. Most doctors and dentists do that these days. My vet does it. Send out paperwork beforehand so a patient can fill it out and have it in hand. And last, and most importantly, be respectful of patients, be humble, admit you may have made a mistake, and don't publicly embarrass them by questioning their ability to hear, or calling after them when they're walking out the door to see if they want an appointment card so they "don't forget their next appt. time." I have reported you to my primary physician's group; they have removed Dr. Strapko from their list of dermatologist recommendations based on her rude office staff, and I am in the process of finding another dermatologist to check my potential cancerous growth on my scalp (which is wasting precious time).

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flag | Submitted May 8, 2017

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