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Initially, before I had ever spoken with Dr. Gutierrez, I had high hopes that he would be a safe mental health professional to help facilitate my goals of being more assertive and being able to set healthy boundaries with others, like his profile on psychologytoday.com stated. Also, I really hoped that he would be a good match with me, since I live only minutes away within walking distance. I called and left a voicemail and also emailed him. He called me back after a few days and immediately wanted to know the details of my insurance before even having taken any time to ask more about why I was calling and more about me, things like my age, what issues I was concerned and dealing with, etc. Dr. Gutierrez began to project his unfinished business on to me by telling me that I expected a “discount”, despite the fact that I had never requested any discount and fully agreed to pay whatever difference insurance did not cover out of my own pocket. It was very telling as to his predisposition towards a prospective client seeking help. I promptly informed Dr. Gutierrez that I was certainly not looking for any discounts/handouts from anyone and if that's the attitude he has towards me then I am no longer interested in considering him. I also informed him that he needed to work on boundaries himself, so that he could prevent his unconscious projections of his own low-self esteem/insecurities on to prospective clients. All in all, I'm very disappointed, however I am glad that this Dr. showed his true colors early on, and that I did not have to waste my time going to his office. I also believe that I've learned something very important here and that is to carefully screen out your therapist/counselor. They are just humans, and many of them are worse of than you may think. On average, it takes about 8 to 10 different tries until you find the right one. Good luck.

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